Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Fine Arts Federation Annual Membership Show - March 4 - 24, 2016

The Fine Arts Federation Annual Membership exhibition at the Creative Arts Center Gallery in Burbank presents the work of 80 artists, the largest number that had ever been shown. I've been participating for 24 years. At the reception, there was a Western theme, so everyone got bandanas upon arrival. The decked-out buffet tables offered burgers with all the fixin's. The placed was packed with visitors, and the art ranged from paintings to ceramics to fabric art and more. Brought my Mom to check it all out. She reminded me recently that she celebrated her 93rd-and-a-half birthday. Says that after she turns 94, she's going to start celebrating her birthdays in fourths! We had a fine old time at the roundup, pardners. Show is up 'til the 24th of March.