Saturday, May 6, 2017

Brewery Artwalk Photos

The Artwalk was great fun, as always! Almost constant visitors to the studio and an enthusiastic response to my art made the weekend especially enjoyable. If you missed it, come by for the next one in October! You can also visit via LA Art Tours.

The iconic smokestack building. But there is -- and never was -- a
Paragon Iron company. That was painted on the building for a film shoot!

I had a cool new video display for this Artwalk! John set up two monitors
that featured slide shows of my work. You can see the one on the right
beginning to make a transition from one piece of work to another. I had
prints on canvas and metal on the walls, along with some
products. My tote bags were particularly popular!

Studiomate Yvonne Beatty's work is on the left wall; mine is on the right,
with the video monitors on the back wall. We also shared wall space in
the front room which serves as kind of a lobby for the studio.

Here's the poster I made that explains my history in the animation
business and how that connects to the type of art that I make today.

Two of many visitors who were very excited to learn that I had written
cartoons for Scooby-Doo, Smurfs, Fraggle Rock, and many other shows!

Thanks to partner John Semper Jr. for taking photos and for visiting.
It was so crowded that he had to park almost all the way to Las Vegas!